Julien Ducret

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Due to the critical role that normalization plays during the translation and localization processes, we propose here to analyze some standards, as well as the related software tools that are used by professional translators and by several automatic translating services. We will first point out the importance of normalization within the translation and(More)
Central Ontologies are increasingly important to manage interoperability between different types of language resources. This was the reason for ISO to set up a new committee ISO TC37/SC4 taking care of language resource management issues. Central to the work of this committee is the definition of a framework for a central registry of data categories that(More)
In a digital museum exhibition management system, two major issues need to be addressed. The first is regarding the efficient hypermedia generation for virtual exhibitions. The second is regarding the efficient access of multimedia items in a heterogeneous environment where distributed digital museum resource management servers may locate at different(More)
Metadata descriptions of language resources become an increasing necessity since the shear amount of language resources is increasing rapidly and especially since we are now creating infrastuctures to access these resources via the web through integrated domains of language resource archives. Yet, the metadata frameworks offered for the domain of language(More)
This paper presents a model and architecture for non-intrusive user interfaces in the interactive digital TV domain. The model is based on two concepts: non-monolithic rendering for content consumption and actions descriptions for user interaction. In the first case, subsets of the multimedia content can be delivered to different rendering components (e.g.,(More)
The scope of research and development in the localization and translation memory process development is huge. Several formats have been developed of specific interest for localization and translation such as XLIFF and TMX. The associated software industry has thus developed several well-known tools committed to these formats: TRADOS, SDLX, DEJAVU, etc. When(More)
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