Julien Dubarle-Offner

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A new series of monoselenoquinone and diselenoquinone π complexes, [(η(6) -p-cymene)Ru(η(4) -C6 R4 SeE)] (R=H, E=Se (6); R=CH3 , E=Se (7); R=H, E=O (8)), as well as selenolate π complexes [(η(6) -p-cymene)Ru(η(5) -C6 H3 R2 Se)][SbF6 ] (R=H (9); R=CH3 (10)), stabilized by arene ruthenium moieties were prepared in good yields through nucleophilic substitution(More)
Phosphine gold(I) aryl acetylide complexes equipped with a central bis(urea) moiety form 1D hydrogen-bonded polymeric assemblies in solution that do not display any optical activity. Chiral co-assemblies are formed by simple addition of an enantiopure (metal-free) complementary monomer. Although exhibiting an intrinsically achiral linear geometry, the(More)
A novel class of chiral luminescent square-planar platinum complexes with a π-bonded chiral thioquinonoid ligand is described. Remarkably the presence of this chiral organometallic ligand controls the aggregation of this square planar luminophor and imposes a homo- or hetero-chiral arrangement at the supramolecular level, displaying non-covalent Pt-Pt and(More)
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