Julien De Bortoli

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The use of the CEN (European Committee for Standardization) standard method for sampling fish in lakes using multi-mesh gillnets allowed the collection of fish assemblages of 445 European lakes in 12 countries. The lakes were additionally characterised by environmental drivers and eutrophication proxies. Following a site-specific approach including a(More)
1. While fish-based Indices of Biotic Integrity have been developed for a wide array of lotic systems, equivalent tools have seldom been adapted to the monitoring and assessment of lakes. Major difficulties arise in such work: (i) collecting data that allow statistically robust analyses, (ii) choosing the relevant variables to describe the biotic,(More)
The evolutionary dissimilarity between communities (phylogenetic beta diversity PBD) has been increasingly explored by ecologists and biogeographers to assess the relative roles of ecological and evolutionary processes in structuring natural communities. Among PBD measures, the PhyloSor and UniFrac indices have been widely used to assess the level of(More)
This paper has not been submitted elsewhere in identical or similar form, nor will it be during the first three months after its submission to Hydrobiologia Abstract The intercalibration (IC) exercise is a key element in the implementation of the Water Framework Directive (WFD) in Europe. Its focus lies on the harmonization of national classification(More)
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