Julien Chopin

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The effectiveness and safety of CY 216 as anticoagulant for extracorporeal circulation were evaluated in 403 haemodialysis of haemofiltration sessions performed in 33 patients with chronic [24] or acute [9] renal failure; 149 of the sessions were carried at risk of haemorrhage. Initially CY 216 was administered as a bolus intravenous injection in doses of(More)
Of 1998 patients consecutively admitted to Geriatric Medicine Departments in England, Wales and Scotland in 1975--6, 81.3% were receiving prescribed drugs at time of admission. Adverse reactions were noted in 248 patients, representing 15.3% of prescribed drug takers. In 209 of these patients, it was thought that an adverse reaction had contributed to the(More)
We report directional memory of spontaneous nanoscale displacements of an individual bead firmly anchored to the cytoskeleton of a living cell. A novel method of analysis shows that for shorter time intervals cytoskeletal displacements are antipersistent and thus provides direct evidence in a living cell of molecular trapping and caged dynamics. At longer(More)
We consider a thin elastic sheet adhering to a stiff substrate by means of the surface tension of a thin liquid layer. Debonding is initiated by imposing a vertical displacement at the centre of the sheet and leads to the formation of a delaminated region, or ‘blister’. This experiment reveals that the perimeter of the blister takes one of three different(More)
We investigate the instabilities of a flat elastic ribbon subject to twist under tension and develop an integrated phase diagram of the observed shapes and transitions. We find that the primary buckling mode switches from being localized longitudinally along the length of the ribbon to transverse above a triple point characterized by a crossover tension(More)
A simple random sample of older people composed of 215 men and 272 women aged 62 years and over was examined in Edinburgh in 1968-9. After one year, 86 per cent of the men and 79 per cent of the women were re-examined; 7 per cent of the men and 4 per cent of the women had died and the remainder were not re-examined for various reasons, mainly refusal. After(More)
We study the spatiotemporal dynamics of a crack front propagating at the interface between a rigid substrate and an elastomer. We first characterize the kinematics of the front when the substrate is homogeneous and find that the equation of motion is intrinsically nonlinear. We then pattern the substrate with a single defect. Steady profiles of the front(More)
We show that a granular suspension, composed of particles immersed in a liquid, can form pearls, hooks, and arches when deposited from a nozzle onto a translating substrate that acts as a liquid super-absorber. The removal of the liquid induces a rapid pinning of the contact line leading to mechanically stable structures that are held together by capillary(More)