Julien Chalimbaud

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A survey was carried out on milk production and reproductive performance of dairy cattle: 24 farms, with a total of 900 animals and distributed in four agro-ecological zones, were visited every 15 days over 18 months. Cows were fed on natural pastures as the only source of feed, and animal performance was dependent on the season and exhibited a dramatic(More)
This study examines the oviposition response of a specialist weevil (Mogulones larvatus) to patches of its host, the noxious weed Paterson"s curse/salvation Jane (Echium plantagineum). We simultaneously examined the effect of patch size and plant density (and their interaction), on the recorded oviposition patterns. Our results show that oviposition first(More)
In developing countries, animal products supply presents a major challenge in meeting the demand for the two next decades. Many researchers point out the necessity for a ‘reasoned intensification’, especially in agricultural areas, by integrating agriculture and livestock activities. But intensification only occurs on specific farms. How can one explain the(More)
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