Julien Capobianco

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A novel synthetic cyclopeptamine, A172013, rapidly accumulated by passive diffusion into Candida albicans CCH442. Drug influx could not be totally facilitated by the membrane-bound target, beta-(1,3)-glucan synthase, since accumulation was unsaturable at drug concentrations up to 10 microg/ml (about 1.6 x 10(-7) molecules/cell), or 25x MIC. About 55 and 23%(More)
In most parametric stereo audio coders, sets of spatial parameters are extracted from the audio channels in a time-frequency domain. In order to reduce the amount of data, the parameters plane is highly down-sampled, and transmitted together with a mono downmix. Then, in the decoding process, it is necessary to interpolate the upmix matrix computed from(More)
The effect of collapsing the electrochemical proton gradient (delta mu H) on [3H]erythromycin and [14C]azithromycin transport in Haemophilus influenzae ATCC 19418 was studied. The proton gradient and membrane potential were determined from the distribution of [2-14C]dimethadione and rubidium-86, respectively. delta mu H was reduced from 124 to 3 mV in(More)
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