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BACKGROUND Humans are exposed to thousands of man-made chemicals in the environment. Some chemicals mimic natural endocrine hormones and, thus, have the potential to be endocrine disruptors. Most of these chemicals have never been tested for their ability to interact with the estrogen receptor (ER). Risk assessors need tools to prioritize chemicals for(More)
BACKGROUND Safety assessment for repeated dose toxicity is one of the largest challenges in the process to replace animal testing. This is also one of the proof of concept ambitions of SEURAT-1, the largest ever European Union research initiative on alternative testing, co-funded by the European Commission and Cosmetics Europe. This review is based on the(More)
Our study is aimed at understanding the characteristics of functional group descriptors based on peaks of the electronic density distribution rho(->r) . The descriptors calculated are the rho(->r) value at peak location, volume, ellipticity, curvatures of rho ( r) , and the peak-functional group distance. By the implementation of an automated and global(More)
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