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1 Context In current SOAs, the selection is mainly performed by the client, who creates a workflow adapted to his needs and then selects the providers she feels the most adapted to complete her overall goal. In this approach , service providers are assumed to be passive and thus cannot decide who they collaborate with. This can cause several problems such(More)
Building and maintaining multilingual websites is necessary for organisations and communities trying to increase their global visibility. Such a localisation process might be done in different ways and the structure of a multilingual website should reflect it. However, not clearly understanding localisation patterns in multilingual websites increase the(More)
Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) provide infrastructures to make resources available to other participants in the network as independent services. However, service providers, not having the autonomy to decide who they collaborate with, might be reluctant to participate in such open systems, the client being the sole responsible of the selection of(More)
Magazines and newspapers written in Jawi, an Arabic script used to write Malay until the late 50's, provided an active arena for discussions. In order to understand what happened in this era, we started to provide these in digital form. However, it is difficult to understand the documents contained in this digital archive without knowing their context.(More)
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