Julien Bogousslavsky

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Neuronal death in cerebral ischemia is largely due to excitotoxic mechanisms, which are known to activate the c-Jun N-terminal kinase (JNK) pathway. We have evaluated the neuroprotective power of a cell-penetrating, protease-resistant peptide that blocks the access of JNK to many of its targets. We obtained strong protection in two models of middle cerebral(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Different definitions have been proposed to define the ischemic penumbra from perfusion-CT (PCT) data, based on parameters and thresholds tested only in small pilot studies. The purpose of this study was to perform a systematic evaluation of all PCT parameters (cerebral blood flow, volume [CBV], mean transit time [MTT], time-to-peak)(More)
We present epidemiologic, etiologic, and clinical data for 1,000 consecutive patients with a first stroke (cerebral infarction or hemorrhage) admitted to the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois since 1982. The patients were evaluated using a standard protocol of tests (computed tomography, Doppler ultrasonography, and electrocardiography in all(More)
The development of neuroimaging has allowed clinicians to improve clinicoanatomic correlations in patients with strokes. Brainstem and cerebellum structures are well delineated on MRI, but there is a lack of standardization in their arterial supply. We present a system of 12 brainstem and cerebellum axial sections, depicting the dominant arterial(More)
BACKGROUND The natural history and pathogenesis of ischemic spinal cord infarction remain largely unknown because most clinical studies have included mostly patients with ischemic lesions associated with aortic surgery or prolonged arterial hypotension. OBJECTIVE To assess the pathogenetic mechanisms and outcomes of these cord infarctions based on(More)
We studied 27 patients with acute stroke and a corresponding infarct in the anterior cerebral artery territory, as disclosed using computed tomography. Patients were selected from 1490 patients (1.8%) admitted consecutively to a community-based primary care center who underwent standard investigations. An embolic phenomenon from the internal carotid artery(More)
BACKGROUND Clopidogrel was superior to aspirin in patients with previous manifestations of atherothrombotic disease in the CAPRIE study and its benefit was amplified in some high-risk subgroups of patients. We aimed to assess whether addition of aspirin to clopidogrel could have a greater benefit than clopidogrel alone in prevention of vascular events with(More)
Cortical vein thrombosis without sinus involvement is rarely diagnosed, although it may commonly be overlooked. We report four cases of cerebral venous thrombosis limited to the cortical veins. The diagnosis was made on surgical intervention in one patient and by angiography in three patients. Together with a survey of the published cases, the clinical and(More)
We studied 36 patients with MRI-proven isolated acute pontine infarct. Corresponding to the constant territories of intrinsic pontine vessels, infarcts followed a predictable distribution, enabling us to delineate three main syndromes. Twenty-one patients had a ventral pontine infarct. Motor involvement varied from mild hemiparesis (ventrolateral pontine(More)