Julien Andrieu

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Ice formation of a 20% w/v sucrose solution was monitored during the freezing process by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). An original experimental setup was designed with oil as a cooling fluid that allows accurate control of the temperature. The NMR signal intensity of particular sampled volumes was observed during the entire cooling period, from 0 to -50(More)
The modelling and simulation of ice nucleation triggered by acoustic cavitation was addressed in this study. The objective was to evaluate the number of nuclei generated by a single gas bubble and afterwards by a multi-bubble system as function of the acoustic pressure (ultrasound wave amplitude) and supercooling level (liquid temperature). According to our(More)
A solid-phase synthesis based approach towards protease cleavable polystyrene-peptide-polystyrene triblock copolymers and their formulation to nanoparticulate systems is presented. These nanoparticles are suitable for the optical detection of an enzyme and have the potential for application as a drug delivery system. Two different peptide sequences, one(More)
The miniemulsion process is used as a new route for the preparation of enzyme-responsive nanocapsules with payload-release properties. Peptide-based hybrid nanocapsules are prepared via interfacial polyaddition containing a water-soluble dye that is efficiently encapsulated inside. The influence of the synthetic parameters as the functionality of the(More)
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