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CONTEXT Botulism is an important public health problem in Argentina, but obtaining antitoxin rapidly has been difficult because global supplies are limited. In January 1998, a botulism outbreak occurred in Buenos Aires. OBJECTIVES To determine the source of the outbreak, improve botulism surveillance, and establish an antitoxin supply and release system(More)
Background and aims: Chronic lung disease of prematurity is strongly associated with adverse neurodevelopmental outcome. Oxygen therapy has been implicated as a factor leading to preterm brain injury. Preterm infants with intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) are at increased risk of both chronic respiratory morbidity and neurodevelopmental impairment. We(More)
Introduction: Cord pH< 7.0 and base deficit (BD) of ≥-12 are associated with risk of neonatal encephalopathy. There is limited information about the relationship between degree of acidosis, condition at birth and short term outcome when pH < 7.0.Methods: Cord blood gas data were downloaded from the gas analysers in the delivery suite of the Simpson Centre(More)
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