Julie Yang

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maximum PAE of 72.3% with a power gain of 10.27 dB is achieved at a P out of 40.27 dBm, which delivers a drain efficiency of 79.8%. Figure 7 shows measured harmonic power levels of the class-E SiC MESFET power amplifier with the output matching network using transmission lines. It is worth noting that the proposed output load network significantly(More)
Limited data on cervical auscultation (CA) sounds during the transitional feeding period of 4-36 months in healthy children exist. This study examined the acoustic and perceptual parameters of swallowing sounds in children aged 4-36 months over a range of food and fluid consistencies. Using CA, swallowing sounds were recorded from a microphone as children(More)
(2013). A randomized, controlled, double-blind pilot study of the effects of cranial electrical stimulation on activity in brain pain processing regions in individuals with fibromyalgia. (2012). Efficacy of cranial electric stimulation for the treatment of insomnia: A randomized pilot study. (2011). Cranial electrical stimulation improves symptoms and(More)
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