Julie Westman

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Prostate cancer (CaP) forms osteoblastic skeletal metastases with an underlying osteoclastic component. However, the importance of osteoclastogenesis in the development of CaP skeletal lesions is unknown. In the present study, we demonstrate that CaP cells directly induce osteoclastogenesis from osteoclast precursors in the absence of underlying stroma in(More)
The human monocytic leukaemia cell line THP-1 was induced to differentiate to macrophage-like cells by the addition of phorbol myristoyl acetate (PMA). Subsequently, the cells were enriched in cholesterol and these cholesterol laden cells were used to study the capability of reconstituted discoidal complexes (RDCs), consisting of either human apolipoprotein(More)
Oxidation of LDL is associated with degradation of phosphatidylcholine into platelet-activating factor (PAF)-like phospholipids and lysophosphatidylcholine (LPC). Exposure of cultured human smooth muscle cells to PAF and LPC in a concentration of 25 micromol/L was found to result in complete cell death, as assessed by the MTT cytotoxicity assay and cell(More)
Isolated islets of Langerhans from mice were maintained in tissue culture for one week at either a high (28 mM) or a low (3.3 mM) extracellular glucose concentration. Electron microscopic morphometry by means of stereological methods revealed a much greater volume of mitochondria in islet cells cultured at low glucose than in those cultured at high glucose.(More)
The cause of the pronounced insulin resistance of the hereditary obese-hyperglycemic syndrome in mice (obob) is so far unknown. To evaluate whether growth hormone (GH) is of pathogenetic significance in this context thein vivo incorporation of sulfate into costal cartilage was measured in obese-hyperglycemic mice and their lean littermates at various ages.(More)
Transplantation of human pancreatic islets to diabetic patients may require that donor islets be kept viable in vitro for extended time periods before transfer to the recipient. We have maintained isolated pancreatic islets obtained from the human cadaveric pancreas in tissue culture for 1-3 wk, after which we studied the structure and function of the(More)
BACKGROUND Triage reliability studies typically use hypothetical scenarios and weighted kappa scores where agreement within one level is considered satisfactory. But if triage category is used to help define ED case-mix groups for comparative or benchmarking processes, agreement on exact triage level and major system involved is important. Our hypothesis(More)
Cells from the mouse monocyte/macrophage cell line J774A.1 were incubated with acetylated human low density lipoprotein for 2 days, resulting in an intracellular accumulation of mainly cholesteryl esters. These in vitro foam cell models were used to study the capability of synthetic HDL-particles to promote efflux of cholesterol. The synthetic HDL-particles(More)
Cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterases in extracts of mouse pancreatic islets. I.-B. Tiiljedal, S. J. H. Ashcroft, P.J. Randle. Department of Histology, University of Umeg, Sweden and Department of Biochemistry, University of Bristol, England. A erude preparation of cyclic nueleotide phosphodiesterases was obtained from collagenase-isolated mouse islets by(More)