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A variety of sources indicate decision makers use social media, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, to make decisions regarding potential employees. Unfortunately, there is scant academic research on the implications of this practice. To shed light on the relationship between social media and selection, we investigate whether applicants' political attitudes and(More)
Research indicates employers use social media, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, to make decision regarding would-be employees. A scarce amount of academic research specifically examines the decision-making processes employers use when using social media to select the best job applicant for the job. This study focuses on how social media impacts hiring(More)
AIM This paper critically explores the research approach undertaken by Māori and tauiwi researchers working alongside kaumātua within the context of physician-assisted dying. We critically explore the collaborative process we undertook in framing the research context and discuss the rewards and challenges that emerged. METHOD The research this critical(More)
AIM To explore kaumātua attitudes towards physician aid-in dying, to gain a clear understanding of how such attitudes may influence and shape their expectations of medical care at the end of life and to assist health professionals in Aotearoa/New Zealand to address the healthcare needs of older Māori near the end of life. DESIGN A kaupapa Māori consistent(More)
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