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This study assessed the relation between religious involvement and multiple indices of competence in 183 eighth- and ninth-grade Indonesian Muslim adolescents (M = 13.3 years). The authors assessed spirituality and religiosity using both parent and adolescent reports, and social competence and adjustment using multiple measures and data sources. Structural(More)
This study examines infants' joint attention behavior and language development in a rural village in Nigeria. Participants included eight younger (1 ;0 to 1 ;5, M age = 1 ;2) and eight older toddlers (1 ;7 to 2;7, M age= 2;1). Joint attention behaviors in social interaction contexts were recorded and coded at two time points six months apart. Analyses(More)
  • Julie Vaughan
  • 2013
Ambulatory emergency care units are present in many hospitals and accommodate patients who need urgent medical assessment or procedures but do not require inpatient admission to achieve this. This article reports on a project undertaken in the ambulatory care unit at the Royal United Hospital Bath, which introduced a nurse-led paracentesis service with the(More)
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