Julie Tzu-Yueh Wang

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Common variable immunodeficiency (CVID) is associated with autoimmunity, most commonly immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) and autoimmune hemolytic anemia (AIHA). In a retrospective chart review of 326 CVID patients, 35 (11%) patients had a history of autoimmune hematologic disease. Fifteen patients had ITP, 9 had AIHA, and 11 had Evans syndrome (both ITP(More)
CONTEXT Publicly released report cards on hospital performance are increasingly common, but whether they are an effective method for improving quality of care remains uncertain. OBJECTIVE To evaluate whether the public release of data on cardiac quality indicators effectively stimulates hospitals to undertake quality improvement activities that improve(More)
BACKGROUND Protective CD4+CD25+ regulatory T cells bearing the Forkhead Foxp3 transcription factor can now be divided into three subsets: Endogenous thymus-derived cells, those induced in the periphery, and another subset induced ex-vivo with pharmacological amounts of IL-2 and TGF-β. Unfortunately, endogenous CD4+CD25+ regulatory T cells are unstable and(More)
Physical inactivity increases the risk of atherosclerosis. However, the molecular mechanisms of this relation are poorly understood. A recent report indicates that endostatin, an endogenous angiostatic factor, inhibits the progression of atherosclerosis, and suggests that reducing intimal and atherosclerotic plaque tissue neovascularization can inhibit the(More)
It has been well recognized that a deficit of numbers and function of CD4+CD25+Foxp3+ cells (Treg) is attributed to the development of some autoimmune diseases; however, there are controversial data regarding the suppressive effect of Treg cells on the T cell response in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). Additionally, IL-17-producing cells (Th17) have(More)
Studies of nine children 4 7/12 to 13 years of age who had rickets are presented. No evidence of renal abnormalities, vitamin D deficiency, or of the inherited varieties of rickets was found. The salient features were their rural origins, mild hypocalcemia with evidence of secondary hyperparathyroidism, and improvement with a normal diet that contained an(More)
BACKGROUND In vitro testing is commonly used to diagnose and manage allergies. Clinical reactivity has been correlated with food-specific IgE levels by using the ImmunoCAP (Phadia, Uppsala, Sweden). OBJECTIVE To determine whether IgE levels derived from different assays are equivalent to those measured by ImmunoCAP. METHODS Fifty patients from the Mount(More)
Whereas TGF-beta is essential for the development of peripherally induced Foxp3(+) regulatory T cells (iTreg cells) and Th17 cells, the intracellular signaling mechanism by which TGF-beta regulates development of both cell subsets is less understood. In this study, we report that neither Smad2 nor Smad3 gene deficiency abrogates TGF-beta-dependent iTreg(More)
To the Editor: Cow’s milk (CM) allergy is the most common food allergy, affecting 2% to 3% of infants, half of which is estimated to be IgE mediated and responsible for up to 13% of fatal foodinduced anaphylaxis. The overall prognosis is favorable, although recent studies have shown a later acquisition of tolerance to CM in a subset of patients. It was(More)
OBJECTIVES This study examined the efficacy and safety of rituximab in children with chronic immune thrombocytopenic purpura. STUDY DESIGN Twenty-four patients, 2 to 19 years of age, with platelet counts <30,000/mcL (microliter 2), received 375 mg/m 2 rituximab in 4 weekly doses. Platelet response was characterized as complete (CR) if a count >150,000/mcL(More)