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Insulin degrading enzyme (IDE) utilizes a large catalytic chamber to selectively bind and degrade peptide substrates such as insulin and amyloid beta (Abeta). Tight interactions with substrates occur at an exosite located approximately 30 A away from the catalytic center that anchors the N-terminus of substrates to facilitate binding and subsequent(More)
The Census Bureau is carrying out research with the intent of improving the housing unit-based method for estimating population totals. One approach is to use the Decennial Census as the baseline for measures and update them annually using American Community Survey (ACS) data to estimate their change since the census year. This study looks at the(More)
Celiac crisis is a rare presentation of celiac disease that is characterized by life-threatening electrolyte abnormalities, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and diarrhea. Triggers for celiac crisis include major surgeries, pancreatitis, and infections of cytomegalovirus, and salmonella. A 24-year-old woman presented with celiac crisis associated with(More)
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