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Each user of the maternity services will have a different service experience. The experience will vary depending on the place of birth, type of antenatal care, delivery and postnatal support. However, to be effective service providers, the provision ought to be responsive to the needs of the consumers. This paper considers the development of the maternity(More)
10 million individuals in the UK who suffer from long-term illness, impairments or disability can be considered as vulnerable consumers (Office for Disability Issues, 2010). Despite this, there are few studies on the use of the Internet for grocery shopping by the disabled and none which offers an understanding of the multiple facets of consumer(More)
Practitioners in particular have noted that kids are growing older younger (KGOY) and academic research has in parallel shown that children are becoming more involved in the final stages of purchase decisions, albeit in a limited number of product categories studied. This quantitative and qualitative study examines the relatively under-researched but(More)
Having friends or being part of a friendship or peer group is a significant social achievement for adolescents and an indicator of social competence (Berndt, 1990). Whilst it has been acknowledged that child peer influence varies with age, gender and product situations, previous findings do not consider adolescent peer influence in relation to the family(More)
Adolescence is a period that allows for experimentation of new behaviours and the temporary adoption of different selves. Indeed, a number of researchers have questioned the notion of a single identity and proposed a more flexible and temporary construct (Hall 1996). If the way in which individuals express themselves is intrinsically linked to the concept(More)
Medical device manufacturers are beginning to combine multi-colour and multi-material moulding techniques with soft-touch materials to gain competitive advantage. This trend is driven by the availability of machines that can inject as many as six different materials simultaneously. This article looks at the multi-shot moulding process and uses examples to(More)
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