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This paper explores the development and maintenance of familiar gendered employment patterns and practices in UK universities, which are exemplars of new modes of knowledge production, commodification and marketisation. After discussing in detail the evidence of gender discrimination in UK higher education and the changes in the academic labour process(More)
Adolescents, as a consequence of identification with popular culture, have been described as having homogenous consumption patterns. More recently, however, it has been recognised that 'glocalisation' (global practices reworked to fit local contexts) affords an opportunity for differentiation. This paper considers a recent UK phenomenon, namely that of the(More)
Practitioners in particular have noted that kids are growing older younger (KGOY) and academic research has in parallel shown that children are becoming more involved in the final stages of purchase decisions, albeit in a limited number of product categories studied. This quantitative and qualitative study examines the relatively under-researched but(More)
This paper seeks to explore the concepts of borrowing and sharing and their relevance for our understanding of consumer socialisation. Whilst previous research has tended to focus on the parent-child dyad, this study considers the role of siblings in relation to learning. Specifically this research focused on pairs of adolescent sisters and the way in which(More)
The purpose of this study was threefold: to develop an understanding of the appropriation of the US High School Prom in the UK and more importantly to generate an insight into the producers and consumers of such an event; to establish if the performance of the prom is hyper-real or if there is an awareness of the authentic or inauthentic elements of this(More)
Purpose The authors note the growing significance of different family types in the West and explore the relationship between the complexity of family relationships typified in single parent, blended and intact families and the involvement of children in purchase decisions. Originality Whilst social trends indicate that the composition of the family will(More)
Adolescence is a period that allows for experimentation of new behaviours and the temporary adoption of different selves. Indeed, a number of researchers have questioned the notion of a single identity and proposed a more flexible and temporary construct (Hall 1996). If the way in which individuals express themselves is intrinsically linked to the concept(More)
Medical device manufacturers are beginning to combine multi-colour and multi-material moulding techniques with soft-touch materials to gain competitive advantage. This trend is driven by the availability of machines that can inject as many as six different materials simultaneously. This article looks at the multi-shot moulding process and uses examples to(More)
motivated by an interest in the relative impact of transition on consumption and identity formation using ritual practice as a context. Publications have centred on the interrelationships between adolescent consumer behaviour and the social factors that affect the consolidation of identity positions. Marketing. His recent research projects have investigated(More)