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The lateral offset operation allows a trailing aircraft to overtake a leading aircraft (subject to clearance by air traffic control [ATC]), by: turning off course, intercepting a parallel route, effecting the overtake, and then, optionally returning to course. Alternately, the leading aircraft could perform the offset, allowing the trailing aircraft to pass(More)
In recent years as demand for air traffic services has increased, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has sought new ways to use airspace more efficiently while maintaining safety. A recent initiative, headed by Air Traffic RNP Division (ATP-500), wanted to explore the use of advanced area navigation (RNAV) avionics, specifically, the lateral offset(More)
BACKGROUND Health-promoting environments advance health and prevent chronic disease. Hospitals have been charged to promote health and wellness to patients, communities, and 5.3 million adults employed in United States health care environments. METHODS In this cross-sectional observational study, the Hospital Nutrition Environment Scan (HNES) was used to(More)
The flight management computer (FMC) parallel offset is a procedure which allows a pilot to turn left or right of course in order to intercept a track which is parallel to the originally-cleared route of flight. The offset route is established by way of an input parameter to the FMC. "L5.0", for example, would establish a 5 NMI offset to the left of the(More)