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OBJECTIVES To characterize ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) in our pediatric intensive care unit (PICU), implement an evidence-based pediatric VAP prevention bundle, and reduce VAP rates. STUDY DESIGN The setting is a 25-bed PICU in a 475-bed free-standing pediatric academic medical center. VAP was diagnosed according to Centers for Disease Control(More)
OBJECTIVE We implemented a medical emergency team (MET) in our free-standing children's hospital. The specific aim was to reduce the rate of codes (respiratory and cardiopulmonary arrests) outside the intensive care units by 50% for >6 months following MET implementation. DESIGN Retrospective chart review and program implementation. SETTING A children's(More)
INTRODUCTION In Victoria, dental therapists are restricted to treating patients under the age of 26 years. Removing this age restriction from dental therapists' scope of practice may assist significantly in addressing workforce shortages, particularly in rural Victoria. OBJECTIVES This study aims to assess the capacity of dental therapists to provide(More)
It is imperative that nursing education addresses the issues arising from globalization. The adjustment challenges faced by international nursing students globally highlight the need to understand how nursing faculty experience and teach nursing classes with a mix of domestic and foreign students. This article reports on a participatory action research(More)
BACKGROUND International or foreign students are those who enrol in universities outside their country of citizenship. They face many challenges acculturating to and learning in a new country and education system, particularly if they study in an additional language. OBJECTIVES This qualitative inquiry aimed to explore the learning and acculturating(More)
BACKGROUND Devising innovative strategies to address internationalization is a contemporary challenge for universities. A Participatory Action Research (PAR) project was undertaken to identify issues for international nursing students and their teachers. The findings identified group work as a teaching strategy potentially useful to facilitate international(More)
The veterinary clinic plays a critical role in the prevention and treatment of behavior problems. If behavior problems do begin to emerge, the veterinary clinic can help determine who can advise and guide the owners most practically to improve or resolve the problem. This help might involve the veterinarian, a behavioral technician, a trained staff member,(More)
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