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Children with autism were compared to developmentally matched children with Down syndrome or typical development in terms of their ability to visually orient to two social stimuli (name called, hands clapping) and two nonsocial stimuli (rattle, musical jack-in-the-box), and in terms of their ability to share attention (following another's gaze or point). It(More)
Both the medial temporal lobe and dorsolateral prefrontal cortex have been implicated in autism. In the present study, performance on two neuropsychological tasks--one tapping the medial temporal lobe and related limbic structures, and another tapping the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex--was examined in relation to performance on tasks assessing autistic(More)
This study examined whether the frequently reported word-stem completion priming deficit of Alzheimer's disease (AD) patients could be characterized as either a semantic encoding deficit or a conceptual priming deficit. AD patients and normal elderly control subjects studied words in two conditions: (1) reading visually presented words aloud, which(More)
In previous studies, infants of depressed mothers have been found to exhibit reduced left frontal brain electrical activity (EEG). The left frontal region has been hypothesized to mediate social approach behaviors and positive affective expression. These findings raise important questions about the cause and nature of atypical EEG patterns in infants of(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to determine early developmental and cognitive outcomes of children with febrile status epilepticus (FSE) one month and one year after FSE. METHODS One hundred ninety four children with FSE were evaluated on measures of cognition, receptive language, and memory as part of the FEBSTAT study and compared with 100(More)
This paper reports an outcome evaluation and needs assessment conducted by the AIDS and Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) of the San Francisco AIDS Health Project. The study was designed to: 1) evaluate effectiveness of a hospital based intervention and referral service for HIV affected substance abusers, and 2) gather information from this population(More)
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