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The Gene Ontology project in 2008
The Gene Ontology (GO) project (http://www.geneontology.org/) is a collaborative effort to develop and use ontologies to support biologically meaningful annotation of genes and their products in a wide variety of organisms. Expand
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Constraints upon food provisioning practices in ‘busy’ women's lives: Trade-offs which demand convenience
The present research explores food provisioning practices within women's lives. By drawing upon French social scientist Pierre Bourdieu's notions of habitus, cultural capital and field, a conceptualExpand
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An evaluation of voice recognition software for use in interview-based research: a research note
This small research project investigated whether it was feasible and beneficial to use voice recognition software to transcribe tape recordings of multiple voices. Expand
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Residential Segregation in Metropolitan Established Immigrant Gateways and New Destinations, 1990-2000.
In the 1990s, many immigrants bypassed established gateways like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Miami to create new immigrant destinations across the U.S. In this paper, we examine howExpand
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From `sustainable rural communities’ to `social sustainability': giving voice to diversity in Mangakahia Valley, New Zealand
Abstract Despite widespread interest in the notion of sustainability, little progress has been made towards an understanding of its social dimensions. Nonetheless, the concept of `sustainable ruralExpand
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Choice, Rights, and Virtue: Prenatal Testing and Styles of Moral Reasoning in Aotearoa/New Zealand.
Using a Foucauldian biopower analytic, this article combines insights from several ethnographic research projects around the moral reasoning styles underpinning debates over selective reproductiveExpand
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Korean, Chinese, or what? Identity transformations of Chosŏnjok (Korean Chinese) migrant brides in South Korea
Chosŏnjok migrant brides are Korean Chinese women who married South Korean men (hereafter Korean men). The number of Chosŏnjok migrant brides increased rapidly until recently due to the attempts ofExpand
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Research partnerships: A discussion paper based on case studies from “The place of Alcohol in the lives of New Zealand women” project
Abstract Research partnerships between anthropologists and the individuals or groups with whom they work may take a variety of forms. This paper examines four partnerships which evolved during theExpand
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Pains and Pleasures of the Automaton: Frances Burney's Mechanics of Coming Out
This essay explores how the eighteenth-century automaton operates as a pervasive model for the instability of female subject-formation in Burney's novels, and the affective dilemmas involved inExpand
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