Julie Novakova

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BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to determine whether people respond differently to low and high stakes in Dictator and Ultimatum Games. We assumed that if we raised the stakes high enough, we would observe more self-orientated behavior because fairness would become too costly, in spite of a possible risk of a higher punishment. METHODS A(More)
The authors present a group of 20 girls and young women with various clinical symptoms of hyperandrogenism. The common finding in all these patients is an elevated excretion of desoxy-fraction of 17-oxosteroids, in particular androsterone in urine. The authors describe in detail the case-history of a girl with pubarché praecox and premature closure of the(More)
The paper deals with continuous education of pharmacists in the Czech Republic in 2002-2005 (2nd cycle). It surveys the seminars organized within the framework of continuous education, their number, topics, and lecturers. A total number of 232 professional seminars took place, which included 339 lectures, mainly on pharmacology (76.1%).
The authors compare different methods used commonly in paediatric practice to assess glomerular filtration (GFR)--creatinine clearance and assessment of GFR by means of Schwartz formula with plasma clearance of polyfructosan S (corresponds to inulin plasma clearance). A group of 108 children aged 4-16 years (x = 10.95) was examined. The patients were(More)