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INTRODUCTION Recent reports have highlighted the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency and suggested an association with excess mortality in critically ill patients. Serum vitamin D concentrations in these studies were measured following resuscitation. It is unclear whether aggressive fluid resuscitation independently influences serum vitamin D. METHODS(More)
OBJECTIVES The relation between complicated early childhood convulsion (ECC) and adult epilepsy is unclear, although a history of complicated ECC is obtainable in half of adults with epilepsy associated with hippocampal sclerosis. It is not known if the ECC is a marker of pre-existing brain damage or is itself harmful to the developing brain. The objective(More)
BACKGROUND Assessment of myocardial viability based on wall-motion scoring (WMS) during dobutamine echocardiography (DbE) is difficult and subjective. Strain-rate imaging (SRI) is quantitative, but its incremental value over WMS for prediction of functional recovery after revascularization is unclear. METHODS AND RESULTS DbE and SRI were performed in 55(More)
Serial CA125 measurements in 169 patients with epithelial ovarian carcinoma were obtained. Changes in serum CA125 measurements are shown to reflect changes in clinical status. For patients with macroscopic disease receiving chemotherapy, the sensitivity and specificity for predicting response are shown to be 95% and 86% respectively. For patients with no(More)
INTRODUCTION As even small concentrations of acetate in the plasma result in pro-inflammatory and cardiotoxic effects, it has been removed from renal replacement fluids. However, Plasma-Lyte 148 (Plasma-Lyte), an electrolyte replacement solution containing acetate plus gluconate is a common circuit prime for cardio-pulmonary bypass (CPB). No published data(More)
Two hydrocephalic Hy 3 mice and an infant with hydrocephalus and the Arnold-Chiari malformation were examined with the scanning electron microscope. Both mice had advanced hydrocephalus but had normal appearances in the basal regions of the ventricles. However, as the ventricular walls were ascended first the cilia gradually disappeared, then the(More)
A small pre-treatment 'priming' dose of cyclophosphamide will reduce gut damage due to high dose i.v. melphalan in mice and sheep but efforts to demonstrate this effect in man have been hampered by difficulty in the measurement of gut damage. We have evaluated the 51CR EDTA absorption test, a new method for measuring intestinal permeability, as a means of(More)
Autogenous cervical veins were grafted into the common carotid arteries of rabbits during their active growing period. A patency rate of 58.8% was achieved but the thin-walled vein grafts underwent massive dilatation. This dilatation is likely to severely limit the usefulness of these veins as a source of bridging grafts in clinical practice, particularly(More)
OBJECTIVES This study aims to investigate the outcomes of cardiac surgery in patients with abdominal solid organ transplants and to compare them with the case-matched population undergoing cardiac surgery. METHODS Data from all transplant recipients abdominal solid organ transplant (ASOT) N = 36 (30 renal and 6 hepatic) who underwent cardiac surgery in a(More)