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BACKGROUND The Unified Psychogeriatric Biopsychosocial Evaluation and Treatment (UPBEAT) program provides individualized interdisciplinary mental health treatment and care coordination to elderly veterans whose comorbid depression, anxiety, or alcohol abuse may result in overuse of inpatient services and underuse of outpatient services. OBJECTIVES To(More)
A survey of 197 cognitive aging studies revealed infrequent use of structured health assessments and random recruitment. In this study, a health screening questionnarie developed to identify subjects with medical problems that might impair cognition was administered to 315 adults aged 60 and older who were recruited by random digit dialing. On the basis of(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the contribution of neuropsychological test performance to treatment decision-making capacity in community volunteers with mild to moderate dementia. METHODS The authors recruited volunteers (44 men, 44 women) with mild to moderate dementia from the community. Subjects completed a battery of 11 neuropsychological tests that assessed(More)
Anxiety symptoms present immediately following parental death and approximately 8 weeks following the death were evaluated in 38 prepubertal children. Comparison groups included 38 hospitalized depressed children and 19 normal children. Bereaved children and parents were administered the Grief Interview and all were administered standard diagnostic(More)
Estimates of the prevalence of depression in dementia patients vary widely. One problem in accurate identification of such depression is determining whether to rely on demented patients' reports or second-party caregivers' reports of symptoms. To further explore this problem, 31 outpatients with probable Alzheimer disease and their 31 caregivers were(More)
BACKGROUND Mucormycosis is an acute, often rapidly fatal fungal infection that is an important cause of death in young patients with diabetes mellitus (DM) who have poor glycemic control and acute ketosis. Despite the importance of this condition, the clinical predictors of mucor infection are not well defined. METHODS A retrospective chart review was(More)
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