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Capillary isoelectric focusing (CIEF) in uncoated and commercially available coated capillaries was applied to the separation of tryptic peptides from bovine and chicken cytochrome c. This is the first report of peptide mapping by CIEF. Before separation, the pIs of individual peptides expected to be formed during the digest were calculated, and then the(More)
As the impact of anthropogenic activities intensifies worldwide, an increasing proportion of landscape is converted to early successional stages every year. To understand and anticipate the global effects of the human footprint on wildlife, assessing short-term changes in animal populations in response to disturbance events is becoming increasingly(More)
We study the anisotropy of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Ray (UHECR) events collected by the Telescope Array (TA) detector in the first 40 months of operation. Following earlier studies, we examine event sets with energy thresholds of 10 EeV, 40 EeV, and 57 EeV. We find that the distributions of the events in right ascension and declination are compatible with(More)
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