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This paper builds on the emerging body of research aimed at exploring the educational potential of mobile technologies, specifically, how to leverage place-based, augmented reality mobile games for language learning. We draw on our experiences with Mentira-the first place-based, augmented reality mobile game for learning Spanish in a local neighborhood in(More)
  • Barbara A. Lafford, Peter A. Lafford, BARBARA A. LAFFORD, PETER A. LAFFORD, JULIE SYKES
  • 2007
Despite the problems presented by lexical errors in second language (L2) communication , most computer assisted language learning (CALL) programs tend to focus on the acquisition of grammar points rather than on the development of the L2 lexicon. In addition, CALL vocabulary tasks are typically limited in scope and mechanical in nature, covering mostly(More)
In light of the increasingly blurred line between mediated and nonmediated contexts for social, professional, and educational purposes, attention to the presence and use of innovative digital media is critical to the consideration of the future of computer-assisted language learning (CALL). This article reviews current trends in the use of mediated(More)
This study systematically examines the strength of the connection between synchronous CMC and pragmatic instruction by measuring the effects of three types of synchronous group discussion (written chat [WC], oral chat [OC], and traditional face-to-face [FF] discussion) on the acquisition of the speech act (refusals of an invitation) in the target language.(More)
This page has been left blank for double-sided copying. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The authors would like to acknowledge the contributions of several individuals to the preparation of this report. We wish to express our sincere thanks to Allison Hedley Dodd, who reviewed a draft of the report; Betty Teller, who edited the report; and Sharon Clark, who prepared the(More)
This paper describes a general practice based diabetic retinopathy screening service employing a technician trained in direct and indirect ophthalmoscopy and taking photographs with a Canon CR3 45 NM non-mydriatic polaroid camera analysed by a consultant ophthalmologist to provide a comparison with the screener's opinion. Prospective data is presented from(More)
This paper is a revision of the proposal previously posted informally under the file name jms01v7. Its intention is to resolve some of the problems relating to character sets in SQL that were discussed in earlier papers. It is still incomplete. The other paper previously posted, jms01v6, represented an approach which is now felt to be more complex than(More)
The use of games as learning activities has likely existed for as long as have formal (or 'serious') approaches to teaching and learning. In the new millennium, it is difficult to avoid what would appear to be hyperbole in regard to digital gaming environments. The strong and growing interest in digital games, coupled with rapid technological advancements,(More)