Julie M. McMillan

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This paper discusses the design and development of a multi-user health kiosk intended for independent use by underserved populations. The modular integration of physiological sensors and psycho-social assessments provides an extensible, customizable platform for research. We present the development of the kiosk's feature set and user interaction mechanisms(More)
The overall purpose of this study was to learn how community-dwelling older adults would interact with our prototype multi-user telehealth kiosk and their views about its usability. Seven subjects participated in laboratory-based usability sessions to evaluate the physical design, appearance, functionality and perceived ease of use of a multi-user(More)
Living with a spouse in the military involves a lifestyle with unique stresses. These can become even more difficult when a woman becomes pregnant and her husband has been deployed thousands of miles away. Recognizing that many military families lacked adequate support during their pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum experience, Jeanette McMillan(More)
This study was conducted to determine interrater and test-retest reliability characteristics of the instrument, Pediatric Screening: A Tool for Occupational and Physical Therapists. This protocol was developed by two public school therapists to be used as a decision-making mechanism for systematically assessing the students' relative need for therapy(More)
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