Julie Lesser

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The authors examined the frequency and severity of depressive symptoms in elderly patients with presumed primary degenerative dementia and identified the signs and symptoms that provide a reliable basis for diagnosing depression. Forty-four patients and 42 control subjects were interviewed and rated on the Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression and the Sandoz(More)
Many factors contribute to the health problems of homeless persons, including exposure to adverse weather, trauma and crime, overcrowding in shelters, unusual sleeping accommodations, poor hygiene and nutritional status, alcoholism, drug abuse and psychiatric illness. It is common for homeless adults to have skin ailments, respiratory infections, traumatic(More)
Recent interest in premenstrual changes and increasing referrals for treatment when such is warranted, bring to focus the need for accurate definition of the problem and a reliable procedure for clinical and research assessments of premenstrual phenomena. A definition is suggested and the steps taken to establish the diagnosis of the various premenstrual(More)
Volunteers who claimed they were "healthy and normal" and did not reveal any physical or mental abnormality or medication use during brief structured interviews underwent detailed structured interviews with the Schedule for Affective Disorders and Schizophrenia. Diagnoses were based on the Research Diagnostic Criteria (RDC), and family history was(More)
A 30-item questionnaire concerned with signs and symptoms of cognitive decline was completed by a relative or caregiver for each of 115 elderly patients seen in the gerontology outpatient clinic of our institution. Twelve different preliminary scale values were calculated to locate each of the 30 clinical manifestations along a continuum of increasing(More)
The screening process of women who volunteered to participate in "studies of the menstrual cycle" is described. It is demonstrated that in order to arrive at a desired number of subjects who meet criteria for premenstrual changes and are in a good physical and mental status, one should recruit an extremely large number of candidates to start with. The yield(More)