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Guilty or not? A path model of women's sexual force fantasies
This study estimated a path model of women's forceful sexual fantasies. Constructs examined were childhood sexual abuse, feminist beliefs, sexual guilt, erotophilia, and sexual experience. The studyExpand
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Identifying Counselor Competencies for Working with Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Clients
ABSTRACT This study used a modified Delphi technique to identify knowledge, attitude, and skill components of counselor competence with lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) clients. Twenty-two expertExpand
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The Use of Self-Pleasure: Masturbation and Body Image Among African American and European American Women
The current investigation examined the relationship between masturbation and body image among 96 women seeking services at a local family planning clinic in a mid-southern U.S. city. ParticipantsExpand
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A Preliminary Investigation of the Role of Religion for Family Members of Lesbian, Gay Male, or Bisexual Male and Female Individuals
Religious faith is an important aspect of many people's lives, but the doctrinal teachings of many faiths are that homosexuality is a sin. Little is known about the impact of these teachings on theExpand
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Predictors of Sexual Minority Youth’s Reported Suicide Attempts and Mental Health
ABSTRACT Lesbian, gay, and bisexual youth (LGBY) report higher rates of mental health concerns compared to heterosexual youth due to minority stressors. This study examined the interpersonal andExpand
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Will Marriage Matter? Effects of Marriage Anticipated by Same-Sex Couples
The current study used an online survey to explore the anticipated impact of legalized marriage on partners in same-sex couples living in California. These data were gathered prior to the CaliforniaExpand
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The Ordinary Conception of Race in the United States and Its Relation to Racial Attitudes: A New Approach
Many hold that ordinary race-thinking in the USA is committed to the 'one-drop rule', that race is ordinarily represented in terms of essences, and that race is ordinarily represented as a biologicalExpand
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The Push-Pull of Policy Pressure: A Qualitative Exploration of the Experiences of Same-Sex Marriage Policies Among Non-Metropolitan GLB Individuals
This paper is a qualitative exploration of the experiences of marriage policies among people in same-sex relationships living in non-metropolitan United States areas. Although numerous studies haveExpand
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