Julie K Morrison

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A demythologizing, educational approach to the community is outlined and recent empirical studies are summarized which demonstrate that beliefs in favor of the mental illness concept can be significantly changed. Such conceptual change, reflecting an acceptance of a psychosocial paradigm of psychological problems, apparently induces a seminar participants a(More)
Demonstrated that through brief demythologizing, college students' (N = 32) attitudes toward mental illness could be changed significantly in a non-medical model or psychosocial direction and that this attitude change apparently induced students to report a significantly reduced fear of contracting mental illness. Pretest-follow-up data comparisons(More)
Myosin VI is an actin-based motor that has been implicated in many cellular processes. Studies in vertebrates have demonstrated that animals lacking this ubiquitously expressed myosin are viable. However in Drosophila, myosin VI loss of function has been thought to be lethal. We show here that complete loss of myosin VI is not lethal in flies and that the(More)
BACKGROUND The study was conducted at a high TB-HIV burden primary health community clinic in Cape Town, South Africa. We describe the management of children under five years of age in household contact with a smear and/or culture-positive adult TB case. METHODS This study was a record review of routinely-collected programme data. RESULTS A total of(More)
Discussion of ethical issues which concern community psychologists and other mental health professionals has generated new emphasis on the psychiatric client as consumer. In light of the studies questioning the efficacy and ethics of various clinical procedures, it would seem that the client-consumer is being asked to accept treatment which is often less(More)
Emotive-Reconstructive Therapy, a recently developed therapeutic modality deriving from cognitive theory, may be a promising short-term approach to psychopathology. Combining the use of imagery with selective hyperventilation, a therapist induces patients to reexperience past events, and subsequently to radically reconstrue themselves and significant others(More)