Julie Jensen

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Among 13 Ph-positive cases of chronic granulocytic leukemia (CGL), banding studies revealed two with complex rearrangements involving translocation of the long arm of number 22 to another autosome and a segment of that chromosome translocated to the long arm of number 9. In a patient with both CGL and sickle cell anemia, the 3-way rearrangement involved(More)
Patients: To reassess the use of TEST-yolk buffer (TYB) in an in vitro fertilization (IVF) program by comparing fertilization rates achieved in a glucose-free cleavage medium by the standard IVF preparation of sperm versus a 2-h, room temperature incubation of sperm in TYB. Methods: Oocytes collected for IVF were randomly split into two groups and(More)
We describe a randomized controlled trial, the Lakota Oyate Wicozani Pi Kte (LOWPK) trial, which was designed to determine whether a Web-based diabetes and nutritional intervention can improve risk factors related to cardiovascular disease (CVD) among a group of remote reservation–dwelling adult American Indian men and women with type 2 diabetes who are at(More)
Digital technologies as augmented reality and its inherent use of smartphones/tablets altered the way in which we interact with and within the public. Augmented and Virtual Reality Download Book (PDF, 50572 KB) This paper describes a study of the potential of using augmented reality at the industrial. “For better or worse, the label virtual reality stuck to(More)
Like Land’s pursuit of Polarvision, the original goal of the Chemical Science and Technology (CST) Division database seemed impossible. The Division wanted a document that reflected its constantly changing base of expertise. The task involved collecting information concerning the education, publications, awards, professional memberships, and work experience(More)
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