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The primary cellular location of the nuclear estrogen receptor II (nER II) is the plasma membrane. A number of reports that have appeared in the recent past indicate that plasma membrane localized estrogen receptor alpha (ERalpha) also exists. Whether the membrane localized ERalpha represents the receptor that binds to the estrogen responsive element (ERE)(More)
PURPOSE To explore the anatomic correlation of the retinal cone mosaic on adaptive optics images. DESIGN Retrospective nonconsecutive observational case series. METHODS A retrospective review of the multimodal imaging charts of 6 patients with focal alteration of the cone mosaic on adaptive optics was performed. Retinal diseases included acute posterior(More)
Feeding a diet containing 20% of sesame oil (SO) or coconut oil (CNO) along with 2% cholesterol to rats for two months showed differences in their serum and tissue lipid profile and certain enzyme activities. Hyperlipidemia and related oxidative effects were more pronounced in coconut oil fed rats than those fed sesame oil. Feeding a combination of the oils(More)
PURPOSE To determine whether cone photoreceptors are impaired early in macular telangiectasia type 2 (MacTel 2) progression. METHODS Eight patients with MacTel 2 lacking intraretinal cavitation underwent multimodal retinal imaging including adaptive optics. Cone packing metrics were determined in 5 sampling windows at different eccentricities from the(More)
Objetivo: El objetivo principal del presente estudio consistió en determinar la prevalencia de los cambios en la interfase vitreomacular (IVM) mediante tomografía de coherencia óptica (OCT) en la población general. En segundo lugar, se describieron otros cambios de la OCT. Métodos: Las anomalías en la IVM se diagnosticaron mediante OCT y se distribuyeron de(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE To analyze cone mosaic metrics on adaptive optics (AO) images as a function of retinal eccentricity in two different age groups using a commercial flood illumination AO device. PATIENTS AND METHODS Fifty-three eyes of 28 healthy subjects divided into two age groups were imaged using an AO flood-illumination camera (rtx1; Imagine(More)
PURPOSE To report 3 cases of neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1) with choroidal nodules associated with retinal microvascular changes imaged with optical coherence tomography angiography (OCTA). METHODS Small case series in 3 NF1 patients. OCTA examinations were performed by a trained examiner (J.J.) after pupillary dilation. A standard scan, centered over the(More)