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The channel-geometry method is an indirect method of flood estimation which relies on the development of relations between flood discharges, measured at gauging stations, and channel dimensions, measured from natural river reaches in the vicinity of the gauge. Channel-geometry equations enable flood discharges to be estimated at ungauged locations on(More)
Bioanalytical automation expanded at Glaxo Inc. from 1987 to 1991 by cycling through periods of justification, planning, implementation, obstacle-jumping and success, which justified continued cycling. In 1990 it became evident that the technology and its growth needed to be planned and the resources had to be managed. A Strategic Plan was researched and(More)
A chain of custody (COC) is required in many laboratories that handle forensics, drugs of abuse, environmental, clinical, and DNA testing, as well as other laboratories that want to assure reliability of reported results. Maintaining a dependable COC can be laborious, but with the recent establishment of the criteria for electronic records and signatures by(More)
In 1996 and 1997, Glaxo Wellcome's US Research division planned and established their second generation research strategy. An important aspect of the strategy entailed development of two automated screening sites in Biochemistry in Research Triangle Park, NC. Development of the new operations required many decisions to be made very quickly, including(More)
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