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The Mathematical Education of Teachers: One University's Approach
This study focused the collaborative efforts between the Curriculum and Instruction and Mathematics departments at the University of Alabama, These efforts resulted in the development of following courses: 1) numbers and operations, 2) geometry and measurement, 3) algebra, data analysis, statistics, and probability. The purpose of these courses is to provide the content knowledge needed for teaching elementary mathematics. Expand
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An Evolution of Mathematical Beliefs: A Case Study of Three Pre-K Teachers
This case study involved examination of the evolution of mathematical beliefs of three prekindergarten teachers. The researcher followed three teachers at one school in west Alabama over the courseExpand
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Classroom Activity: Counting Activities for the Classroom or the Home: Grades K-1
In the document prepared by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Principles and Standards for School Mathematics (NCTM, 2000), “the concepts and skills related to number and operations are a major emphasis of mathematics instruction in prekindergarten through grade 2. The child who holds up two fingers in response to the question ‘How many is two?’ grows to become the second grader who solves sophisticated problems using multidigit computation strategies (p. 79). Expand
Implementation of Technology in an Elementary Mathematics Lesson: The Experiences of Pre-Service Teachers at One University.
Winter 2009-2010, Vol. 19, Number 1 Page 22 T ability to integrate technology in the mathematics classroom is essential for future elementary teachers as they enter the field being required to beExpand
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Reviewers for Volume 37
Jennifer Aldrich Kimberly Anderson Julia Atiles Fain Barker Jennifer Baumgartner Michelle Bauml Lisa Beck Doris Bergen Sheresa Blanchard Rachel Boit Amanda Branscombe Amy Broemmel Lorraine BreffniExpand
Residential Environmental Education Center Program Evaluation: An Ongoing Challenge
Residential environmental education centers (REECs) have been criticized for their lack of quality program evaluation. However, the last national study done on the practices of REECs was Chenery andExpand
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