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BACKGROUND Velo-cardio-facial syndrome (VCFS) is associated with deletions in the qll band of chromosome 22, learning disability and psychosis, but the neurobiological basis is poorly understood. AIMS To investigate brain anatomy in adults with VCFS. METHOD Magnetic resonance imaging was used to study 10 patients with VCFS and 13 matched controls. We(More)
Velo-cardio-facial syndrome (VCFS) is associated with deletions on the long arm of chromosome 22, mild intellectual disability, poor social interaction and a high prevalence of psychosis. However, to date there have been no studies investigating the neuropsychological functioning of adults with VCFS. We compared 19 adults with VCFS with 19 age, gender and(More)
Learning-based models of anxiety disorders emphasize the role of aversive conditioning and retarded extinction in the etiology and maintenance of anxiety disorders. Yet few studies have examined these underlying processes in children, despite that some anxiety disorders typically onset during childhood. The authors examined the acquisition and extinction of(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine attentional bias towards angry and happy faces in 8-12 year old children with anxiety disorders (n=29) and non-anxious controls (n=24). METHOD Children completed a visual-probe task in which pairs of angry/neutral and happy/neutral faces were displayed for 500ms and were replaced by a visual probe in the spatial location of one of the(More)
The present study examined the magnitudes of startle blink reflexes and electrodermal responses in 4-8-year-old high anxious children (N=14) and non-anxious controls (N=11). Responses were elicited by 16 auditory startle trials during a baseline phase prior to an affective modulation phase involving 12 startle trials presented during angry and neutral(More)
BACKGROUND Atopic dermatitis (AD) is a chronic inflammatory skin disease characterized by a disturbed epidermal barrier. In a subset of patients, this is explained by nonsense mutations in the gene encoding filaggrin (FLG). OBJECTIVES We sought to evaluate the respective role of FLG mutations and proinflammatory cytokines and to assess the expression of(More)
The study of aversive Pavlovian conditioning in children can contribute to our understanding of how fears are acquired and extinguished during development. However, methodological issues hamper further research because of ethical and procedural concerns regarding the use of traditional aversive unconditional stimuli (USs) and no established method to(More)
The connections between the topics of responsibility, authority, and accountability (RAA) in aviation are discussed since a while. Nevertheless the currently proposed approaches are limited and do not allow to make a global assessment during the design of new operational ATM concepts that change the role of humans and technical systems. This paper suggests(More)
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