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The generation of a functioning Drosophila eye requires the coordinated differentiation of multiple cell types and the morphogenesis of eye-specific structures. Here we show that D-Pax2 plays a significant role in lens development through regulation of the Crystallin gene and because Crystallin is also expressed in D-Pax2(+) cells in the external sensory(More)
An animal study was performed to assess the effect on the Tc-99m phosphate bone scintigram of injury by needle aspiration or drill hole to metaphyseal and diaphyseal areas in immature and mature bones. Results showed that in 12 immature rabbits such trauma to metaphyseal regions had no effect on the bone image. Similar metaphyseal trauma in two mature dogs(More)
Radionuclide imaging has been successfully used clinically to determine sites of gastrointestinal hemorrhage, but its use in hemoptysis has not been studied. A dog model of intrapulmonary hemorrhage was devised. Utilizing technetium sulfur colloid, at doses of 4 and 15 mCi, bleeding rates of 0.1--0.2 cc/min were detected. In some dogs, however,(More)
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