Julie Hamilton

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We have developed a microfabricated flow-through impedance characterization system capable of performing AC, multi-frequency measurements on cells and other particles. The sensor measures both the resistive and reactive impedance of passing particles, at rates of up to 100 particles per second. Its operational bandwidth approaches 10 MHz with a(More)
Syrian hamsters (Mesocricetus auratus) exhibit seasonal fluctuations in body fat that are triggered by changes in photoperiod and/or diet. Body fat accumulates when hamsters are switched to a short photoperiod or high-fat diet. The effects of surgical reduction of adipose tissue (lipectomy) on these responses were tested in adult female hamsters.(More)
The effects of relatively short- or long-term diabetes on sexual receptivity and and proceptivity and on hypothalamic estrogen and progestin receptors were examined in rats fed regular chow or high fat diet. Ovariectomized, streptozotocin-induced chronically insulin deficient and normal rats received sequential treatments with 2 micrograms estradiol(More)
Terrence Malick's To the Wonder (2013) considers the relationship of Divine Love with the individual soul, and its corresponding relationships to the other as neighbor. In this article, I analyze the congruency of Malick's form and content by correlating the relationship of his dynamic, existential filmmaking style with the film's phenomenologically(More)
A major advantage of microfluidic devices is the ability to manipulate small sample volumes, thus reducing reagent waste and preserving precious sample. However, to achieve robust sample manipulation it is necessary to address device integration with the macroscale environment. To realize repeatable, sensitive particle separation with microfluidic devices,(More)
For many reasons, it is desirable to use robots in courses such as introductory computer science, artificial intelligence, and cognitive science, yet the knowledge normally required by students to make effective use of these tools is often prohibitive in such courses with well established curricula. We have developed a user interface that allows students(More)
Mice selectively bred for either high or low levels of thermoregulatory nest building were cold-acclimated (5 degrees C) for 3 weeks without nesting material; then body weight and food intake were measured. The mice selected for low nest building (Lows) of both sexes showed lower feed efficiencies than the high nest-building mice (Highs), although their(More)
Male rats fed a cellulose-diluted diet maintained a reduced body weight. Adipose tissue lipoprotein lipase (LPL) activity decreased after two days of cellulose feeding, but was not different from chow-fed control levels with weight stabilized at 90% or 70% of the control group. Plasma triglyceride concentration decreased with weight loss and remained(More)
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