Julie H. McNamara

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The growth in vitro and the development in insect hosts of two reptilian trypanosomes was studied. The first was aTrypanosoma grayi-like isolate (Kiboko F4) fromGlossina pallidipes in Kenya, East Africa, and the second wasT. varani V54, isolated fromVaranus exanthematicus in Senegal.T. varani V54 grew well in blood-agar culture media, but for successful(More)
iGEM has spent the past decade encouraging teams to push their projects to the frontiers of synthetic biology. However, as project complexity increases, so too does the level of assumed risk. In the absence of a coherent international framework for evaluating these risks in synthetic biology, iGEM has recently engaged with the MIT Program on Emerging(More)
On the surface, the emerging field of synthetic biology looks highly similar to that of genetic engineering. However, the two fields are based upon divergent underlying logic structures. Whereas genetic engineering affects change through localized modifications of existing organisms, synthetic biology attempts to fuse independent component parts to create(More)
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