Julie Fisher

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More than half of small businesses in Australia (57%) use a website to promote their business. Having an effective website is an important step for small business owners moving towards e-commerce. The research suggests that once a business has a clear online strategy through a website they are more likely to move to e-commerce. While many small business(More)
Governments around the world are increasingly interested in the potential for delivering government services on the World Wide Web. Examples of substantial transition to electronic service delivery can be found in some sectors in some countries, however most government services have failed to evolve from enhanced information-based web pages. The failure to(More)
The first documented day-long program to encourage girls to consider computing as a career was held in 1987 in the U.K. Over the last 20 years these one-day events, labeled Girls into Computing days, have been conducted by academics and professionals to foster female-student interest in information technology (IT) degrees and careers. This paper charts the(More)
BACKGROUND In the past decade or so, a range of technologies have emerged that have shown promise in increasing our understanding of disease processes and progression. These advances are referred to as the "omics" technologies; genomics, transcriptomics, and proteomics. More recently, another "omics" approach has come to the fore: metabonomics, and this(More)
This paper reports on part of a wider study into electronic commerce (e-commerce) benefits, challenges and success factors in Australian businesses, with particular reference to the banking and finance industry. The findings indicate that the major benefits to this industry sector from adoption of e-commerce are increased sales, business efficiency,(More)
Consumer empowerment and the role of the expert patient in their own healthcare, enabled through timely access to quality information, have emerged as significant factors in better health and lifestyle outcomes. Governments,medical researchers, healthcare providers in the public and private sector, drug companies, health consumer groups, and individuals are(More)
In Australia, as elsewhere, women's participation rates in Information Technology (IT) have been low. IT is the generic term used to refer to the many courses in the Computer Science, and Information Systems disciplines. While there have been a number of intervention programmes implemented aimed at encouraging women into IT and retaining them once there,(More)