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This article makes a contribution to current debates in human rights-based approaches to lesbian and bisexual (LB) women's health. With reference to concepts embodied in the Yogyakarta Principles, it is proposed that the right to health includes access to health information, participation, equity, equality and non-discrimination. Specifically, the article(More)
Lesbians are less prevention oriented in their health care behavior than heterosexual women and avoid routine screening tests such as Pap smears and mammograms. The reasons for these differences have been partly attributed to beliefs about risk, (for example, lesbians are said to be at lower risk of cervical cancer) and partly attributed to lesbians' poor(More)
OBJECTIVES Information about the health behaviours of minority groups is essential for addressing health inequalities. We evaluated the association among lesbian, gay or bisexual (LGB) sexual orientation identity and smoking and alcohol use in young people in England. DESIGN Data drawn from wave 6 of the Longitudinal Study of Young People in England(More)
BACKGROUND Over the past decade, new diagnoses of HIV have increased eightfold among men who have sex with men (MSM) of other or of mixed ethnicity in the UK. Yet there is little intervention research on HIV among black and minority ethnic (BME) MSM. This article aimed to identify effective HIV and sexual health prevention strategies for BME MSM. METHODS(More)
Lesbians' risk of breast cancer is a much-debated issue in health research because lesbians are believed to be at higher risk of the disease than are heterosexual women. This belief is based upon particular risk factors for breast cancer, which are said to be more prevalent in lesbians; and upon differences in preventive health behaviours: in particular,(More)
Nancy Adler Jennifer Ahern Hortensia Amaro Neil Andersson Kamyar Arasteh Debbie Barrington Jeremiah Barondess Scott Bass John Beard Curt Beckwith Stephanie Behel Mags Beksinska Gus Birkhead Susan Blank Lee Bone Sebastian Bonner Joe Boscarino Robert Booth Mary Jean Brown Jean-Marie Bruzzese Jessica Burke Robert Carlson Patricia Case David Celentano Sabrina(More)
This paper presents findings from a scoping review of curriculum delivery methods for research teaching in undergraduate social work education. The review was conducted by a working group of the JUC SWEC research committee following the introduction of a new degree by the Social Work Reform Board. The paper draws on data from a mixedmethods study, in which(More)
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