Julie F Wall

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We describe a mother and her male infant affected with a craniotubular dysplasia characterized by severe craniofacial hyperostosis and sclerosis with obliteration of paranasal sinuses and foramina of the skull base. Subsequent severe bilateral hearing loss and facial diplegia with relative sparing of the optic nerves were noted. The long bones show extreme(More)
This survey reviews significant state and federal court decisions from 2006 and 2007 involving health, life, and disability insurance. Also reviewed is a June 2008 Supreme Court decision in the disability insurance realm, affirming that a conflict of interest exists when an ERISA plan sponsor or insurer fulfills the dual role of determining plan benefits(More)
Benefis Medical Group, in Great Falls, Montana, improved identification and treatment of hypertension through multifaceted interventions. The interventions included adopting policies for collection of vital signs, enhancing system-level reporting capability, tracking patients for the registry, and conducting patient outreach activities. From baseline to(More)
Hyperostotic bone dysplasias are characterized by progressive hyperostosis and sclerosis of the cranium and facial bones. As a result of progressive bony overgrowth, intracranial pressure may increase and lead to brain and nerve compression, cranial nerve palsies, and an increased incidence of seizures. The long bones often exhibit defective modeling as(More)
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