Julie Elizabeth Archer

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Genetic configurations resulting in high ratios of beta-tubulin to alpha-tubulin are toxic in S. cerevisiae, causing microtubule disassembly and cell death. We identified three non-tubulin yeast genes that, when overexpressed, rescue cells from excess beta-tubulin. One, RBL2, rescues beta-tubulin lethality as efficiently as does alpha-tubulin. Rbl2p binds(More)
The yeast protein Rbl2p suppresses the deleterious effects of excess beta-tubulin as efficiently as does alpha-tubulin. Both in vivo and in vitro, Rbl2p forms a complex with beta-tubulin that does not contain alpha-tubulin, thus defining a second pool of beta-tubulin in the cell. Formation of the complex depends upon the conformation of beta-tubulin. Newly(More)
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