Julie E. Suetterlin

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Amino acid transporter B(0)/ASC transporter 2 (ATB(0)/ASCT2) is responsible for most glutamine uptake in human hepatoma cells. Because this transporter is not expressed in normal hepatocytes, we hypothesized that its expression is necessary for growth of human liver cancer cells. To test this hypothesis, Sloan Kettering hepatoma (SK-Hep) cells were stably(More)
Human hepatoma cells take up glutamine at rates severalfold faster than the system N-mediated transport rates observed in normal human hepatocytes. Amino acid inhibition, kinetic, Northern blotting, RT-PCR, and restriction enzyme analyses collectively identified the transporter responsible in six human hepatoma cell lines as amino acid transporter B(0)(More)
Fuchs, Bryan C., J. Christian Perez, Julie E. Suetterlin, Sofia B. Chaudhry and Barrie P. Bode. Inducible antisense RNA targeting amino acid transporter ATB/ASCT2 elicits apoptosis in human hepatoma cells. Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol 286: G467–G478, 2004. First published October 16, 2003; 10.1152/ ajpgi.00344.2003.—Amino acid transporter B/ASC(More)
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