Julie E.M. Stewart

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate an Internet-based telemedicine program designed to reduce the costs of care, to provide enhanced medical, informational, and emotional support to families of very low birth weight (VLBW) infants during and after their neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) stay. BACKGROUND Baby CareLink is a multifaceted telemedicine program that(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of this study was to assess the feasibility and safety of single-stage resection, on-table lavage, and primary anastomosis in patients presenting with obstruction of the left colon. METHODS The outcome of surgery in 73 consecutive patients presenting with obstruction of the left colon during a 5-year period was assessed in terms of(More)
We studied neutrophil function and clinical responses in seven patients with severe congenital neutropenia (SCN) after they received treatment with recombinant human granulocyte colony stimulating factor (rhG-CSF). Two subpopulations of patients with SCN were defined by their pattern of absolute neutrophil response, superoxide production, and cytochrome(More)
We have performed a prospective study on 117 patients in order to assess the value of a single contrast water soluble enema in acute large bowel obstruction. In 99 cases where the plain films suggested a diagnosis of mechanical obstruction, the Diodone enema confirmed its presence in 52, and relocated its site in 11. There was free flow of contrast to the(More)
Forty-two dairy calves remained with their dams for two days after birth, and then were removed to a calf rearing shed. Calves were allocated to three groups for the next 14 days, and received twice daily either whole milk, whole milk with a 10 per cent supplement of pooled normal bovine colostrum or whole milk with 10 per cent supplement of colostrum from(More)
The new era of pharmacogenetics has identified a potential for individuals to receive customized treatments for a variety of disease states. For such individualized treatments to fulfil their potential, it will be essential for clinicians to be able to monitor disease activity, ideally in a rapid, noninvasive fashion. The accessibility of the skin offers(More)
Factors influencing the rate of job turnover among hospital pharmacists were studied. In June 1982, pharmacists and pharmacy directors in acute-care hospitals in the Chicago area with more than 100 beds were asked both open-ended and multiple-choice questions pertaining to reasons for accepting and staying at current jobs, reasons for leaving previous and(More)
The need for more effective communication between patient and health care provider has been stressed by many researchers as one means of increasing health regimen compliance. This study measures and analyzes patient-physician communication about prescribed drug therapy. It is reported that approximately 62% of the patients queried said that they were given(More)