Julie E. Lindsay

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Background. Husbands of women with breast cancer may experience adjustment difficulties. We examined psychosocial predictors of husbands’ adjustment to their wives’ breast cancer 3 months following diagnosis.Methods. Women (N=45) with Stage I or II breast cancer who were 3 months postdiagnosis and their husbands completed measures of adjustment, coping,(More)
B. M. Dykman (1998) proposed a goal orientation model of depression in which striving to prove self-worth in goal pursuits conferred depression vulnerability. This study replicated and extended the findings of B. M. Dykman (1998) by comparing goal orientation against 2 personality variables: autonomy and sociotropy. In a series of sessions around an(More)
Married women's adjustment to breast cancer is positively influenced by their husbands' emotional support and by both spouses' active coping strategies. However, little is known about how women's adjustment is related to their husbands' perceptions of their psychosocial impairment. The current study examined the relationships among wives' coping strategies,(More)
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