Julie E. Fajardo

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The S1 species of mammalian reovirus mRNA, like a number of other viral but not cellular mRNAs, codes for two dissimilar polypeptides by initiation of translation at two 5'-proximal, out-of-frame AUG codons. To determine if uninfected cells can utilize bicistronic genes, a bovine papilloma virus-based vector system was used to select mouse C127 cell lines(More)
In this report, we describe the fabrication and testing of an integrated optical whispering gallery mode resonator designed for use as an evanescent eld environmental sensor. We use traditional photolithographic techniques to create 500 m radius disk resonators in silicon oxy-nitride. The evices are overclad with a thin film of SiO2 to provide a suitable(More)
The S1 species of reovirus mRNA contains two overlapping open reading frames. Both are utilized in either virus-infected or S1 DNA transfected mammalian cells, resulting in two different polypeptides from a single mRNA. Consistent with ribosome scanning, expression of the downstream reading frame was increased by sequence changes that diminished the(More)
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