Julie E. Choe

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Diverse intracellular pathogens subvert the host actin-polymerization machinery to drive movement within and between cells during infection. Rickettsia in the spotted fever group (SFG) are Gram-negative, obligate intracellular bacterial pathogens that undergo actin-based motility and assemble distinctive 'comet tails' that consist of long, unbranched actin(More)
A diverse spectrum of intracellular bacterial pathogens that inhabit the cytosol have evolved the ability to polymerize actin on their surface to power intracellular actin-based motility (ABM). These include species of Listeria, Burkholderia and Rickettsia, as well as Shigella and Mycobacteria Here, we provide an overview of the roles of bacterial ABM in(More)
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