Julie Dvorak

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Initiating events leading to the accumulation of malignant ascites in the peritoneal cavity were investigated in two syngeneic transplantable murine ascites-producing tumors, MOT mouse ovarian tumor and the TA3/St mammary carcinoma. The transport of two tracers, 125I-labeled human serum albumin (125I-HSA) and 51Cr-labeled red blood cells (51Cr-RBC), into(More)
AMERICAN METEOROLOGICAL SOCIETY | APRIL 2014| 515 PB AFFILIATIONS: Archer And Veron—University of Delaware, College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment, Newark, Delaware; colle—Stony Brook University/SUNY, Stony Brook, New York; delle MonAche, Fitch, And KosoVic—National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, Colorado; dVorAK—Sailor’s Energy, Berkeley,(More)
An ectopic pregnancy are most common gynaecological emergencies. The large majority (95%) of ectopic pregnancies occur in Fallopian tube. Although pregnancy is rare in women who use intrauterine system Mirena, women who do become pregnant while using Mirena have a high risk of ectopic pregnancy. These pregnancies can be watchful for any signs of an ectopic(More)
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