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1,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3 [1,25(OH)2D3] has been proposed as a physiologic regulator of keratinocyte growth and differentiation. Utilizing a proliferative serum-free culture system, we have found that a physiologic (picomolar) concentrations this hormone stimulated proliferation of primary mouse epidermal keratinocytes; at higher (nanomolar to micromolar)(More)
We have used a series of bisindolylmaleimide selective protein-kinase C (PKC) inhibitors to investigate the role of this enzyme in the regulation of cell proliferation in mouse hair follicle organ cultures. Mouse whisker follicles were isolated by microdissection, and rates of DNA synthesis during culture were determined from 3H-thymidine incorporation. The(More)
We have investigated the effects of Ro 31-7549, a selective protein kinase C (PKC) inhibitor, on DNA synthesis and proliferation in two primary mouse epidermal keratinocyte culture systems. In differentiating keratinocytes incubated in medium containing 10% serum and high calcium (approximately 0.5 mM), Ro 31-7549 blocked the inhibitory effect of the(More)
We have conducted studies using primary mouse epidermal keratinocyte and whole hair follicle cultures to investigate the mechanism of the hypertrichotic activity of potassium channel openers. In a time course study, the extent of stimulation of epidermal keratinocyte DNA synthesis by minoxidil increased as the rate of DNA synthesis in control cultures(More)
Although the sesquiterpene lactone thapsigargin has been shown to possess hyperplastic and tumor-promoting activities when applied topically to mouse skin in vivo, the cellular mechanism(s) which underlie these effects are unclear. We show here that thapsigargin treatment of Primary mouse epidermal keratinocytes increased intracellular free Ca2+(More)
The expression of a fos-lacZ fusion gene was studied in primary mouse epidermal keratinocytes obtained from transgenic mice. This gene construct contains the entire upstream regulatory sequence of c-fos, and expression of the endogenous and fusion gene was shown by Northern analysis to correlate upon induction with the phorbol ester(More)
1. In nuclei isolated from cells of the B50 rat neuroblastoma line the stimulatory effect of methyl mercury on alpha-amanitin-sensitive RNA synthesis is very much reduced compared to the stimulatory effect in HeLa nuclei (see: Frenkel G. D. and Randles K. (1982) Specific stimulation of alpha-amanitin-sensitive RNA synthesis in isolated HeLa nuclei by methyl(More)
Methyl mercury (MeHg) inhibited the overall RNA synthetic reaction of HeLa RNA polymerase II. However, when RNA chain initiation was allowed to occur in its absence, MeHg stimulated the rate of the subsequent elongation stage of the reaction. Chain elongation with both double-stranded and single-stranded DNA templates was stimulated. This stimulatory effect(More)
Hiatal hernia was diagnosed in three exotic felines-lynx (Lynx lynx), cougar (Puma concolore), and lion (Panthera leo). All cats had a history of anorexia. Thoracic and abdominal radiographs showed evidence of a soft tissue mass within the caudal mediastinum suggestive of a hiatal hernia in all animals. A barium esophagram was performed in one case. All(More)
We report on the first measurement of exclusive Ξ− and Ξ photoproduction. The Ξ− states are produced in the reaction γp → KKΞ, and the Ξ states in γp → KKπΞ. Identification is made by the unique mass measured as the missing mass of the KK (or KKπ) system using the CLAS detector at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility. A systematic study of the(More)